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EXOS: Adding an additional port into VR-Mgmt

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My customer wants to configure and manage some of his EXOS switches via VR-Mgmt (classic out-of-band mangement). Unfortunately he needs a fiber connection to that switches. Management port is only TP. Media Converter can be an option, but it will be smarter if it will be possible to remove an existing SFP port from VR-Default and add it to VR-Mgmt.

Unfortunaltely manual of recent EXOS Versions (16.1 and 22.2) tell us that it is not possible to add another port to VR-Mgmt!

Is this really true ?
Any reason why this is not possible ?


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Hi Matthias, that's true.

You can create a new VR like VR-Mgmt2 and use that for management purposes as well.
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Hi Henrique,

you are right using a second/custom VR - VR-Mgmt2. This is possible but it is not clearly or straightforward.

On all switches which are used the TP out-of-band this VR called VR-Mgmt and those with the fiber it called VR-Mgmt-Fiber ?! For me it will be easier if i could use one common VR name.

Are there any reasons why EXOS does not give me that kind of flexibility ?

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Hello Matthias,

If I had to make a guess on why they implemented this restriction. I believe it would be because the port is not a defined port in EXOS. They place it in a hard coded VR so it will not communicate or mix itself up with any traffic on the Default VR.
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OK - that sound realistic to me.

Maybe someone of the extreme guys which are able to set a Feature Request, pickup this demand of the field.


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I have not seen anything but copper on other vendor dedicated ports either and as a rule those are also hard coded and can't be changed or have other ports added to them... As a rule most of us still set up inband management through additional vr's and or vlans and only use the Mgmt interfaces like an out of band connection instead of a serial connection with a serial to IP magic black box. Not sure if this is an option for your client or not but managing everything inband and through the networks is very scalable and easy to work with... We have 1800 or so Extreme switches in our Metro network along with optical DWDM gear and a few hundred various other various other carrier ethernet gear and they all are managed inband with a hand full of dedicated vlans. You can add redundancy and have a much more resilient system by doing it that way IMO. Anyway what ever makes folks happy and works for them