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EXOS and Cisco VoIP phones with user/laptop behind

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We have a customer that uses Cisco IP phones on their corporate network and we have been approached to present a switching solution for their access layer.

While I do know that with EXOS we can create a UPM profile to detect the Cisco IP phone (via LLDP, for instance, maybe CDP also?) and assign the voice VLAN (and even QoS, if wanted) to the switch port, what if there is a user/laptop connected to the IP phone and both are connected to the same switch port? The most common scenario, I would say. Can we dinamically assign the voice VLAN to the IP phone and the data VLAN for the user/laptop connected to the IP phone with UPM profiles?

Thanks and regards.

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Hi Tavares,

In EXOS you can add a port to the Voice VLAN as tagged and the same port to the Data VLAN as untagged.

So whenever a packet ingresses the switch port without a VLAN tag would be considered as Data (PC) traffic and treated accordingly.

Here is an article available on the same.


I am assuming that the IP phones would be configured in such a way to send tagged (802.1Q) frames.
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But the purpose here is how to do it dynamically 🙂. Without Radius, so I was thinking on UPM profiles.

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Quite challenging without a Radius or something needs more research....I would do a research and come back on this.
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Is it not an option to add all the ports to the data VLAN as untagged manually and create a UPM profile with LLDP so whenever LLDP packets are detected the UPM profile will be triggered and that port can be added to the voice VLAN.