EXOS and NetSight: Could not get MAC and IP information in NetSight via PortTools/Port Monitor

We did not get any IP nor MAC information from connected devices at the ports of our new X440 switches via Netsight/Port Tools/Port Monitor. In the fields "Bridge Filtering Database" and "Node/Alias", where we can find the MAC and IP addresses of a connected device at our EOS switches. But all the EXOS switches say there: "No data found".

We would be very glad to get any recommendation to solve this problem. Thanks.

Switch X440-G2-48p-10GE4
ExtremeXOS version
Netsight Console v7.0.8.34

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Hi Lutz, As far as i can see this information is populated using the OID's dot1dTpFdbEntry= , if i do a manual polling it if fetching the MAC address information but not when doing the port tools. I would suggest to open up a GTAC case to investigate this further.