EXOS DHCP Address Limit

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We have sometimes problems with SecureStack (B5) as local DHCP server (at branches).

As is i learned today in the GTAC KB:
SecureStack Stops Providing DHCP Addresses
There is a limit of 256 IPs per Switch ! (not per VLAN)

This can explain my problems!

Now i am looking for the limit of EXOS Switches (which maybe should an alternative there)

But Release Notes / Manual does not tell anything about this!

Does anybody know how many IP Addresses a EXOS can provide via DHCP to Client per VLAN and per entire Switch ??


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Hi Matthias,

I have not seen any such defined number as a limit to the number clients DHCP request than can be processed by the switch.

There are factors contributing like the DHCP address range, hardware platform, memory capacity.
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because any EXOS Switch should be an better replacement of existing limited B5 - a X440-G2 or X450-G2 will be the prefered HW platform.

currently we have 4 IP Subnets (Class C - max. 256 hosts) - means maximum worst case 1000 Clients.

Does this working with X440-G2 or X450-G2 ??

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It would be quite difficult to arrive at an absolutely number you are speaking about, since we are considering factors that fluctuate with need.

If you would still want something concrete, i will leave it up to the experts following thread to comment.
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Hi Matthias,
I don't think there is a address number limitation in a vlan for EXOS platform, but there is a max number of dhcp server per vlan limitation.
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Hello Matthias, I'm not sure about the limit.

However, I have made a quick test with 5 vlans with 250 address allocated to the switch DHCP server for each vlan and had a total of 1.250 address offered by the switch.

Since you have mentioned that a maximum worst case would be 1k address I believe 1.250 is a great number. 🙂