EXOS fdb mac-vlan OIDs

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I am writing an utility that queries switches for mac address table and log what mac address is in what port, port alias, pvid and mac vlan id etc.

On SecureStack EOS, I can get mac address - vlan table for given vlan id with this oid "." plus adding vlan id end of oid, like this (for vlan 100):

snmpbulkwalk -r 2 -t 3 -v2c -OnQ -c public .

This lists the fdb mac address entries for vlan 100. Our HP 2560 series switces also works with this oid. Cisco has some weird method, you need to add @VLANID to snmp communtiy to query per vlan, like this:

snmpbulkwalk -r 2 -t 3 -v2c -OnQ -c public@100 .

Cisco OID is different too; .

So, how can I query fdb mac address table per vlan with EXOS? What is the correct OID? Niether standard OID not the C,sco OID works with EXOS (ver. 16.x and 22.x).



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I have not experimented with this yet on the Extreme platform, However, I do believe this will get you the complete table

I'm going to see what I can play with to get specific VLANS.

Hope this helps a bit.