EXOS: read via CLI / SNMP which air-flow is used in the switch

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it is possible to read out via CLI (remotely) which air-flow direction
(at the used fans) in switch is used ? Maybe the part-number of the fan unit.

Any advices.

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I don't think so. The only time I've seen it is when there's a mismatch, but even then I believe it doesn't give specifics.
You can, however, get the part number of the fan.
X460G2-24t-G4.2 # show fan detail
Slot-1 FanTray information:
State: Operational
NumFan: 6
PartInfo: 1506N-4**** 800560-00-03
Revision: 3.0
Fan-1: Operational at 3180 RPM
Fan-2: Operational at 6960 RPM
Fan-3: Operational at 3180 RPM
Fan-4: Operational at 6780 RPM
Fan-5: Operational at 3180 RPM
Fan-6: Operational at 6840 RPM
[/code]This one happens to be a Front->Back airflow model. What model(s) are you trying to look at? I'll see if I can find the part numbers, if that will help.


#EXTREME-SYSTEM-MIB::extremeFanSpeed.101 = fan.speed.101 = fan.speed.102 = fan.speed.103 = fan.speed.104 = fan.speed.105 = fan.speed.106[/code]
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Hi Drew,
thanks for your reply - you show me directly the issue!!
In your output the part-info of "show fan detail" is 800560-00.
If i have a look into the datasheet there exists 2 other partnumbers 10945 (front-to-back) and 10946 (back-to-front). Also in the pricelist are not the PartInfo number included.

Where can i see which PartInfo is which fan module ?

I am (and i think all the other community guys too) interested an all the summit fan part numbers - (especially X460-G2 / X670V / X670-G2 / X770 / X620).

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This is what I've got for X670-G1.

PSU: part number "800462" means FB. "800460" means BF.
FAN: part number "450300" means FB. "450326" means BF.
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Here's what i could find for the reversible airflow models. Let me know if I missed anything.
Fan Item# Part # Dir Switch models
450300 17111 F->B X670/V, X670-G2, X770
450326 17112 B->F X670/V, X670-G2, X770
800560 10945 F->B X460-G2, X450-G2
800561 10946 B->F X460-G2
[/code]Don't forget that the PSU must match airflow as well. I can look for those numbers if you'd like.
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Hi Drew (or anybody other) can you please update this list of fan and power supplies for the X450-G2 series !

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M.Nees wrote:

Hi Drew (or anybody other) can you please update this list of fan and power supplies for the X450-G2 series !


Hi Matthias,
The X450-G2 series only supports F->B airflow. All models use the same fan module as the X460-G2.
Fan Item# Part # Dir Switch models
800560 10945 F->B X460-G2, X450-G2[/code]There are two PSUs available for the 450-G2 PoE models. Non-PoE models use a fixed/built-in PSU.
10941 - Summit 1100W PoE AC PSU FB
10951 - Summit 715W AC PSU FB