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EXOS traceroute displaying !O flag on each response

When executing a trace route to a LAN address from a switch Core Black Diamonf 8010, it sends me the following output
1 4 ms !O 7 ms !O 1 ms !O
2 5 ms !O 1 ms !O 5 ms !O
3 *
3 3 ms !O *
4 4 ms !O * 9 ms !O
5 *[/code]My question is what does the !O mean, It seams like I am having a route flapping, rigth?

Thanks in advanced for your answr

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Hi Luis,

What version of code are you running? The command reference guide should have something about this flag.
ExtremeXOS version v1572b9 by release-manager
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Do the flags show up after the command is finished running?
Yes It does, the flags are shown for all the 30 hops until finished
Yes they do, the flags are shown for all the 30 hops until finished
ok, thaks, for your help

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I've never seen the '!O' output on a line - and it isn't in Cisco's list of letters that traceroute responds with sometimes.

Normally, when traceroute says "!something" it means that an ICMP message other than echo reply came back, and the letter determines what that ICMP message was.

But I can't help you with the !O ... perhaps someone else knows that magic code.

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this flag should have been added to the list, I'm surprised this is not the case. This is the catch all entry in the code. It means "other", ie the result was one of the missing types (types not defined in the code).