EXOS Version 21.1.3 ?

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When will EXOS 21.1.3 be released? We have been having issues with SSH freezing and switches locking up when a 'show config' is issued. This knowledgebase article says this issue will be fixed in 21.1.3, but I would like to know when it will be released.



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Hi Ty,

As of now, EXOS 21.1.3 version is scheduled to be released by end of Jan. And the patch version of 21.1.3-patch1 is scheduled to be released by end of Mar at this moment.

I could see from our local DB that the EXOS 21.1.3 version is in progress of regression test, so I think it would be released end of this month unless there isn't any problem found during the test.
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Any luck in upgrading the switch to EXOS 16.2.2? As, i do see the fix for this CR# xos0063806 has been included in this EXOS Release - 16.2.2
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We are at 21.1.2 currently. I would rather wait until 21.1.3 comes out and just stay on the v21 release.

Thanks for the quick responses!
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As mentioned by Bin this is already on its target path and in most probable will be ready for the release at either early stage of 31st Jan or maximum delay of mid feb 2017. They have already started the regression test since 5th Jan this month and so far everything is under control. Kindly wait until then. If there is any further delay noticed in the future then we will inform you on the same that time.
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Hope this got sorted out and the information which you were looking for have been answered already. If so then do let us know if we close this HUB discussion here. If you need any further info then do not hesitate to ask them.
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Yes, I got all the information I needed. Thank You!