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EXOS: vlan related bootprelay statistics

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This command is very very helpful to troubleshoot bootprelay issue on a EXOS L3 Switch:

SW01.13 # sh bootprelay
Bootprelay : Enabled on virtual router "VR-Default"
Include Secondary : Disabled
DHCP Relay Agent Information Option : Disabled on virtual router "VR-Default"

Bootprelay servers for virtual router "VR-Default":

DHCP/BOOTP relay statistics for virtual router "VR-Default"
Received from client = 1126377 Received from server = 397536
Requests relayed = 2799077 Responses relayed = 397536
DHCP Discover = 134589 DHCP Offer = 49549
DHCP Request = 43473 DHCP Ack = 345132
DHCP Decline = 30 DHCP NAck = 2856
DHCP Release = 6
DHCP Inform = 951088

Note: Default Remote-ID : System MAC Address
SW01.14 #[/code]
This statistics are global and in a productive environment this counters are not very helpful if i want to troubleshoot why on a specific vlan dhcp is not working and a lot of other vlans with working dhcp traffic.

So i need this statistics VLAN related. So i need "show bootprelay vlan XXX".

But it seems this was not implemented.
Do i overseen something ?

PS: Yes i could write a ACL which counts for a specific VLAN interfaces - but this not an option for me.


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You can clear all bootprealy counters with:

clear counters[/code]
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It seems this is currently not provided in EXOS CLI.

The only way to check that is setup an ACL for counting - but that is very very cumbersome.