Export OSPF Cost 0 in EXOS 22.4.1

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Why can I no longer export static routes into OSPF with a cost of 0 in EXOS 22.4.1?
I need to be able to export the actual cost of the route as configured in the iproute command.

Router-1 # enable ospf export static cost
cost value [0,1-65535] <<<<<<<<<<< Implies I can still use 0

Router-1 # enable ospf export static cost 0
%% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.
%% Input number must be in the range [1, 65535]. <<<<<<<<<<<<< FAIL!


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Hi Stephen,
If you haven't already, it sounds a case should be opened so GTAC can send it to engineering for review.
How to contact Extreme Networks Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC)
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Thanks Drew, some of the Extreme support team used to frequent these forums, so I was hoping for a bit of input from them before raising a case via our reseller.
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If anyone's interested this appears to be fixed in EXOS 22.5.