Extreme 220-Series random rebooting

Extreme 220-Series 48GE PoE+ switch is doing random reboots. Before the switch reboots console reads:

[SimAddrConflict]: sim.c(4648) 399 %% Failed to read conflicting ARP packet from stack - errno Resource temporarily unavailable

starting pid 1790, tty '': '/et
Sent SIGKILL to all processes

Requesting system reboot
Restarting system.

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Could you let me know the version of code the 220 switch is running? Are there any other logs in the switch?
We are running version

Log from startup:
And here is the crash-log:
And "buffered" log:
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Thank you. I could not find much in the database that would give you a good explanation. I would recommend opening a GTAC case to have this analyzed.
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Please open a case if you have not already as we have a report of another customer that has reported the same issue.