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extreme 460 fiber loses connection with 100 mbit sfp

  • 16 May 2019
  • 2 replies

Hi ,

When i use 100 mbit sfp with xtreme 460 i have to set it to 100 mbit with the following command.

configure ports 21 medium fiber auto off speed 100 duplex full
configure ports 21 medium fiber auto on speed 100 duplex full

when i type this port runs in 100 mbit
but after a while port forgets the sfp...

i have to reenter the same configuration to bring the sfp back up.

and i have to do this every time i reboot the device.

this does not happen on gigabit sfp's.

no matter which brand 100 mbit sfp i used transition networks , cisco , the same thing happened.
no matter which brand i used with gigabit nothing happens. it works flawlessly.

the issue is about 100 mbit sfp's only.

could someone give a reasonable answer to me.

2 replies

I had to issue "speed nonegotiate" command on cisco switches before to get links up
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Just to make sure... .you've saved the config right 😉
Because as far as I unterstand after the reboot this two config lines are gone - correct ?!

Could be that someone could help if you tell us the exact switch model and software version.
Or you'd open a GTAC ticket so a engineer could take a closer look on what is going on.