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Extreme BlackDiamond 8810 route-map equivalent

  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Jan 15 2013 4:35PM

Sirs,Is there a Cisco's route-map equivalent config for the BD 8810?Below is the configuration in my Cisco Catalyst 7506 and I need to configure the same in my BD.interface Serial3/0 description New-client mtu 1500 ip address ip access-group NEW-CLIENT in ip policy route-map new-client no ipv6 mfib fast framing g751 dsu bandwidth 34010 serial restart-delay 0ip access-list extended NEW-CLIENT deny tcp any host eq telnet log permit ip any anyroute-map new-client permit 10 match interface Serial3/0 set ip next-hop best, (from Wagner_Pereira)

3 replies

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Create Date: Jan 15 2013 5:10PM

Well, it seems the answer is about Policy-based routing.I need to routing all the traffic from a specific network (L3) which is forwarding over a VLAN (L2).In that case, what's the right approach? Layer 2 or Layer 3 Policy-Based Redirect? Or none?Regards, (from Wagner_Pereira)
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Create Date: Jan 16 2013 1:51PM

Policy based routing or traffic redirection can be used L2 (anything coming in this port send to this other port) or L3 any thing from this source going to this destination forward to this new destination.

Policy based routing allows you to redirect the traffic to something other than what it in the tables. The L3 is usually done at the default router of a subnet to redirect the traffic to another next hop than what may be in the route table.

Does that help?

P (from Paul_Russo)
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Create Date: Jan 17 2013 7:18PM

Hi, prusso.

Of course it did help.

In my understanding, first I should create an ACL, like this:

entry teste-fwd-inpe {
if {
ethernet-source-address 00:04:96:27:ca:c0;
} then {
redirect-port 2:14;

Does this make sense?

I meant: anything coming from the VLAN which owns this MAC (learned from the other point's Extreme), redirect the flow to the 2:14 port.

Thanks! (from Wagner_Pereira)