Extreme Discovery Protocol (EDP) - Network Audit

  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Mar 7 2013 12:41AM


By default, the EDP was enable on the Extreme switch ports. According to network audit, the EDP must be disable on all the interfaces.

My concerns are:

1) I am deployed Ridgeline for the network management software, if disable EDP on all the ports, any impact on my Ridgeline?

2) What is the standard practice when come to disable the EDP on the switch interface? Example: should disable the EDP on access port only? How about the uplink port?

Kindly advice! Thank you very much in advance!

(from BC)

1 reply

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Create Date: Mar 7 2013 3:59AM

I think the links in RL maps are built based on EDP. However, I am not sure of other things that might get affected. Opening a case with TAC might help there.

The best practice is to disable EDP on each port that is not connected to an Extreme switch, i.e., Access ports or ports connected to routers/switches that are not Extreme. This is true for other vendors discovery protocols too. (from ethernet)