Extreme Inline-Power for Cisco IP Phone 7960

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Create Date: Sep 30 2013 12:30PM

Good morning,

I'm changing Cisco 4006 for some Extreme Switches PoE. After the change I notice that Cisco IP Phone 7960 do not turn on via PoE. I connected it back to Cisco 4006 PoE port and check the corresponding mWatt used by Cisco, here the display:

Console> (enable) show port inlinepower 5/3
Default Inline Power allocation per port: 6.00 Watts (0.11 Amps@51V)
Total inline power drawn by module 5: 18.36 Watts ( 0.36 Amps@51V)
Port InlinePowered PowerAllocated
Admin Oper Detected mWatt mA@51V
----- ----- ------ -------- ----- --------
5/3 auto on yes 6120 120

I try to modify the corresponding mwatt on extreme switch with this command: configure inline-power operator-limit 6120 ports 3.

Now I can't turn on that Cisco IP Phone, and since I'm new working with Extreme Switch I may be missing something.

Thank you in advance.
(from j.urena)

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Create Date: Sep 30 2013 2:13PM

Hello J.urena

If I am not mistaken that phone uses Cisco's proprietary pre-standard PoE. Try using the command enable inline-power legacy and see if that helps.

P (from Paul_Russo)