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Extreme network switch Simulator

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Create Date: Jun 14 2013 10:10PM

hello all,

my organisation is in the process of finishing the configuration of our new extreme core infrastructure which includes x670 core switches, x460 distribution switches, and x440 switches for ip telephony. we have just removed cisco 4506 core switches and cisco 3750 distribution switches. can any one tell me where i can download a simulator that i can practice the xos configuration on as i am resposible for looking after the new switches and to be truthfully i do not know anything about the xos as i have been used to using the cisco ios cli. we have also installed Ridgeline 3.1 switch management.

i believe version 4.0 is available now. is it worth upgrading to version 4.0 or stick with version 3.1?

thanks in advance for your help and advice.


Danny (from dannysmith001)

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Create Date: Jun 15 2013 7:17AM

Hi Danny

Please see this thread for information


To save you searching for the link in the thread


Conrad (from Conrad_Jones)
Thank you so much Danny for this question. I am in the same boat as you and I have knowledge of Cisco but unfortunately do not know anything about Extreme. Please I will really appreciate it if you can get in touch with me---ruthwalk04@yahoo.com. This is a new project and we will be using Layer 3 switches for routing and vlans have to be configured.

i have download and installed this simulator. Everything works fine but the cli commands are a bit different from the switches i need to manage, Enterasys N7s and B5s.

Is there a Oracle VM image i can install to practice cli commands related to N7 and B5 enterasys switches?

Thank you.

Best regards,