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Extreme OS VM Display

  • 12 November 2019
  • 2 replies

I have recently been found there are VMs for the EXOS for Virtual box. So for training purposes i have set a couple up to get familiar with the OS and the commands. When i open the VMs to us and write a command some of the text goes off the end of the screen and when you do ‘show config’ for example it spits big blocks out at a time with no way of scrolling up te screen to view it all. Is anyone else using the VMs and has anyone found a way of getting all the text to display properly in the window??

2 replies

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I believe the default number of lines for console connections (how VirtualBox connects) is:

CLI screen size                  : 24 Lines 80 Columns (this session only)

This is configurable on a per-session basis. Give the commands on this page a try.

I use the following steps to connect to the console on EXOS VM:

  1. Configure the VM in VirtualBox: Ports -> Serial Ports -> Port 1
    • [Checked] Enable Serial Port
    • Port Number: COM1
    • Port Mode: TCP
    • [Unchecked] Connect to existing pipe/socket
    • Path/Address: 2001
  2. Boot the VM
  3. Start telnet in a local terminal
    $ telnet <ENTER>
  4. Ensure your telnet "session" is in character mode:
    telnet> mode character <ENTER>
  5. Connect to the serial console:
    telnet> open 2001 <ENTER>

Hope that works better.