Extreme Product vs other OEM

What is the basic difference between Extreme switch and other OEM Switch ? Why it is named as Summit switch, is there any background on this?

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What is the difference? Well like any vendor, they offer their own proprietary solutions for security, fast failover, loop detection etc... just like Cisco. However, they also support the majority of open protocols as well. If you want to, you can download a VM of XOS and run it in VMWare. You can see the command line differences from there. Google for "Extreme Command Line Reference". Use google for the rest.
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Hello, Svven!

Summit name is named because Extreme Networks creators is like climbing.
Summit and Black Diamond is equipments for climbing and skiing, hence the name of the line equipment/switches.

Thank you!
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Great answers here from the Community. Thank you Jeremy and Alex.

Svven, since you were asking about the Summit line, here is a link to a quick start guide for EXOS that you may find useful: https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/Q_A/Is-there-a-quick-reference-or-cheat-sheet-for...

There are lots of products beyond the Summit line, you can review on the main website: http://www.extremenetworks.com/products
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Hello, Svven

Been an Extreme customer from the beginning (18 years) and for myself and our company they are still one of the premier layer 2 switch vendors in the world when it comes to price vs performance and reliability. They have also had a genuine concern for servicing their customers and making sure their products preform as expected. We have had almost one of every model they have made at some point or another. I could go on and on but hands on is always best so hook up with a sales rep somewhere and get some demo units.. Run them through the labs and see if you will like Purple too!!!!