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Extreme's Self-Aware Equipment

  • 12 October 2018
  • 6 replies

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A member on our team saw this entry on one of our x460 switches a couple weeks ago.

Extreme is pushing the limits on self-aware devices.

We can only assume that after the switch rebooted it felt self pity...and cried a little bit.

And to the developer who put that string into logging...Bravo!

6 replies

there used to be lots of little funny tidbits back in the extremeware days.
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yep lots of South Park tidbits for sure
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yep lots of South Park tidbits for sureCartman, Kenny, Ike. Fun times. 🙂
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yep lots of South Park tidbits for sureThat made me laugh..
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Showing my time on EXTR kit ... "Herb said 'where is everybody'" and "Everybody said 'where is Herb'" :)

Also there was the fun Easter egg where it randomly gave the running temperature in Kelvin.

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You should ask the community manager what you've just won finding that :)