Extreme Summit x450a as NTP Server And Window Server 2008 as NTP Client

Dear All,

I've tested Summit x450a as NTP server and other summit x250e as NTP clients. It does work well. I'm also wondering whether window server 2008 or Window 7 also can point Summit x450a as NTP server?

Appreciate your feedback. If anyone done it before, could you please share what are the additional configuration need to be done on Summit x450a as well as Window Client?


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Lets start by asking where is the Windows 2008 server getting its time from (including the timezone (offset)and Summertime information(if used).
If the summit is a Client then are you using commands like the following

configure sntp-client {primary | secondary} server {[i] | } enable

Commands on switch are found here:

sh conf "nettools" detail
# Module netTools configuration.
configure sntp-client primary vr VR-Default
configure sntp-client secondary vr VR-Default
configure sntp-client broadcast vr VR-Mgmt
configure sntp-client update-interval 304
enable sntp-client
Hi Jason

Thanks for your reply. In my case, Summit x450a will be NTP server and Window Server 2008 will be NTP Client. So Window Server 2008 will be getting it's time from Summit x450a. Understand that NTP and SNTP can't run at the same time on the switch.