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Extreme switch summit x460 Uplink Port Issue (SFP 10G-SR )

Hi Tech people 


i have 3  X460-G2-10G Extreme Switches in a ring topology. i am using Extreme 10G ShortRange SFP(850nm) module for interconnections between rings on front panel  Port 51,52. The problem is that, the Ports are Stuck in Ready State. Physical link is not showing any connectivity.

Firmware between switches are,

Swithc 1 Image   : ExtremeXOS version by release-manager

Switch 2 Image : ExtremeXOS version by release-manager

Switch 3 Image   : ExtremeXOS version by release-manager


Thanks for Support.



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Fiber is a complicated issued. 

How far apart are these switches? 

What is the fiber type?


What is the output of:

show port 51 transceiver info

show port 52 transceiver info

I might have missed a - use tab.

Hi david Thanks for your reply


i issue following command

show port 51 transceiver info


i notice that the Rx Power is  -40.00*  which showes that the Power related paremeter are not normal. we performed the basic troubleshooting related to fiber. we used Fiber Attenuator to test but Same error. 



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So you are not seeing any light from the other end.

  • The fiber pairs may need to be flipped
  • The port on the far end could be disabled
  • The optic on the far end could be bad
  • The fiber patch cable at the far end could be bad
  • The fiber patch cable at the near end could be bad
  • The fiber could be broken somewhere in the middle

I would start by flipping the fiber at one end and see what happens / rerun the command.

  1. Make sure the port is enabled
  2. Separate the connected at the patch panel end of the fiber and swap their positions. 
  3. Replace the patch cable at one end
  4. Replace the patch cable at the other end
  5. try a different fiber pair

run the same command after each step, receive levels should be between -5 and -10.

SR optics should transmit red light which is visible if you look at the optic or end of the patch cable. Looking at lasers may be bad for you and I am not making any recommendations to stare into a laser. 

Hi David Thanks for your reply,

I suppse the ports already enable and showing Ready Status. i already configure the following command and test the port

configure port 51 auto off speed 10000 duplex full

in actuall the two swithces in a same cabinet 1 are connected via 10G SFP DAC Cable and no issue in connectivity. One switch is in cabinet 2 (10 meter away) is connected to the two switches in cabinet 1 via 10G SFP Module. The problem is in this connections. (connection diagram attached)



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Is the receive level -40 at both ends or just one end. If your not getting light it has to be a fiber issue or an optic that is not transmitting.


If you see light but don’t get a link we can talk about port configs, but you need the light...