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I want to confirm something.If the laser transmitter is disabled, when I go "disable port" on an Extreme 670V switch, loaded with Finisar 10G optics? I am trying to determine if we need to remove the fibres from the SFP+s before testing them with an OTDR. I suspect the answer is I need to remove them, which is what we are doing at the moment but it's very tedious with such a large site. However, I am told that an optic laser can damage the OTDR, so I am also interested in the question, in case I pull the wrong fibre at the far end but the correct port is disabled. I am hoping this won't damage the OTDR.

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Leaving fiber plugged into the SFP+ (even disabled) is going to impact your test results.
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Real world is you only need to pull patches on ER or ZR optics. They are still very pricey and can be damaged if an OTDR is using a high powered laser and hits the receive side. In my 20 years of doing this I have never heard of an OTDR being damaged by any ethernet 10 gig or one gig optics as the tech can tell immediately they are getting hit by light. We loss a few optics on our switches each year due to splicers forgetting to unplug the patches and hitting a ER or ZR with the OTDR