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Do you know if there is a spread sheet or something similar that details the difference between all the switches, for example the difference between X430 vs X440.

I would like to provide the exact switch that is required without over compensating without knowing all the features of each.


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Also be good to know what is actually available to purchase also as the web site has info on the X250e but this is end of sale?

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Very good link for few summit device comparison chart but doesn't contains X430 device. Since it's coparatively new device.

Information about the X430:
Both are very good devices and available for sale.
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I want to pick your brains with out the obvious stacking feature is there anything in the X430 that is different from the X440? Does this accept the same XOS for example.


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x430 have the unique image as compare to other Summit devices.
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can you elaborate?
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That comparison chart seems to be quite outdated. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of a newer one.
Here's a feature support list, if that helps:

The X430 can be considered a "Summit Lite" device. It's a low cost, limited feature switch. Because of this, the X430 uses a separate EXOS image than the rest of the Summit lineup.
The X440 is a bit more powerful and supports a wider range of features. What kind of network implementation are you looking for?

In case you haven't seen it yet, the data sheets and other information for current products can be found on our website:

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Drew, can you please share the updated comparison chart for all of us. It would help to quickly verify the features of all the devices at same page.

Thank you,
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Hello ClassicD

All of our products are L3 switches except for the 430. Besides being a standalone switch, i.e. not stackable, it is also only L2. The 430 comes with L2 Edge license. The features support of all of licenses can be found in the Users guide in the appendix. Note that the 430 is an Edge switch. it has a lower CPU and lower Memory for value edge locations. The 440 is also an edge switch but allows for more functionality and the 460 is a switch that can go edge, distribution and core area.

If the switch starts with a 4 it is a 1G switch. If it starts with a 6 (like the 670) it is a 10G switch and if it starts with a 7 (770) then it is a 40G switch. the 460, 670, 770 all support up to the full core license with different table sizes.

I hope that helps. Please let us know if you have additional questions