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ExtremeXOS 22.1 is now Available!

  • 2 November 2016
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Hi Team,
It is my pleasure to announce the availability of ExtremeXOS®️ 22.1. We hope you are excited about this new ExtremeXOS®️ 22.1 release! This helps with the following:

Enable New Revenue Opportunities
  • Common Criteria Readiness - Common Criteria is an international standard for evaluating security and reliability of IT product (including networking devices). It is recognized by over 26 countries around the world including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, UK, South Korea and the United States. Federal government customers around the world consider Common Criteria a mandatory requirement for purchasing network & security products.
  • ExtremeXOS®️ 22.1 enables compliance with the Network Device Collaborative Protection Profile (NDcPP) requirements for network devices.
  • Benefits: Illustrate Extreme Networks commitment to device/network security through enhanced cryptography & element management (EMS) functions
Enhance Single Pane of Management & Policy Scale
  • Augment Role-Based Policy Rule Scale - ExtremeXOS®️ 22.1 introduces the concept of “Resource-Profiles”, that empowers customers with flexibility to increase rules of IPv4, MAC, etc. This addresses initial customer feedback who were migrating from B & C series.
  • Security & Automation Convergence - ExtremeXOS®️ 22.1 now allows support for Vendor Specific Attribute that would invoke a UPM script from Role Based Policy. Through this feature, Extreme is bringing the strength of built-in automation capabilities into our Role-Based Policy framework
  • VLAN Management - QBRIDGE–MIB has been enhanced to support R/W on “dot1qStaticVlanTable”. This would allow for ExtremeManagement to not only view, but also to manage/configure VLANs on ExtremeXOS switches.
Strengthens Enterprise “Software Defined Datacenter” Solutions
  • Controller Based Design – With integration of VMWare NSX-MH, ExtremeXOS®️ 22.1 provides additional deployment options for Enterprise Software Defined Datacenters. Extreme Networks customers with large hybrid (physical & virtual) environment will now be able to choose controller based design (NSX-MH only & not certified) option
  • Simplification of Small Datacenter Design - ExtremeXOS®️ 22.1 now allows customers to use dynamic VLAN propagation via MVRP in MLAG deployments. Also to support customer network segmentation & traffic engineering customers can configure “up to 256” VRRP VRIDs in their network.
Enhance Ease of Use & Serviceability Capabilities
  • ExtremeSwitching X460-G2 Default License – Normalize default feature licenses on higher end platforms, the default license for ExtremeSwitching X460-G2 is being changed to “Advanced Edge” in EXOS 22.1.
  • Allow LAG config changes without disable of MLAG – Introduce support to add/delete port to LAG group when MLAG is enabled on the LAG port, without disruption network/disable MLAG
  • Cache of 50 commands – Enhance traceability and troubleshooting experience, by preserving CLI history across reboot/crash.
ExtremeXOS®️ 21.1 Images & Documentation
EXOS Images are available for download now at eSupport. See this article: How to download EXOS images and xmod files

EXOS Documentation


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