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ExtremeXOS 22.7 is Now Generally Available!

  • 22 July 2019
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ExtremeXOS 22.7 is Now Generally Available!
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We are pleased to announce availability of the ExtremeXOS (EXOS) 22.7 Release. This release most significantly introduces support of “ring topology” for Extended Edge Switching that enhances the overall resiliency of this solution. The release also provides numerous quality enhancements for improved EXOS switch operations. This release benefits you and your customers by:

Delivering a More Fully Resilient “Virtual Chassis” Option
Extended Edge Switching meshes an ExtremeXOS aggregation switch with V400 edge switches to deliver all the elements of an edge chassis – centralized management, high-port density and redundancy. Ring topology in ExtremeXOS 22.7 further executes on this vision by enabling “backplane redundancy” for the Extended Edge “virtual chassis.” Up to eight cascaded V400 devices can now be configured in a “ring,” permitting traffic to be re-routed to the EXOS aggregation in case of failure of any intermediate V400. This along with the ability to dual-home V400 switches to MLAG’d EXOS switches makes for a highly redundant solution.

Benefit: A highly scalable, resilient alternative to traditional modular edge switching platforms.

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