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ExtremeXOS EMS Message Catalog

  • 29 January 2015
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Have you ever wanted help better understanding the ExtremeXOS Log Messages?
Try our new EMS Message Catalog (PDF)!
There's also an HTML version of the catalog.

There's over 4200 pages describing nearly every possible event log message type. Don't let that overwhelm you though; searching is easy!

Example Log message
1/29/2014 14:36:48.12 MSM-A: Advert for VR on vlan test vrid 1 ignored: VIP list mismatch[/code]The text inside the < > section is what you'll find in the guide - more specifically the text after the colon. The "Warn" text indicates this is a message of severity "Warning."
Searching the guide for "VRRP.Advert.Ign" sends me to page 4162, where the message is described.

If you see anything that needs clarification, improvement, etc., please let us know here. I'll make sure it gets to the right place!
Check it out!


EDIT (3/10/15): Document link updated
EDIT (5/15/15): Document link updated and HTML link added
EDIT (11/8/16): Document links updated
EDIT (1/13/17): Document links updated
EDIT (2/8/17): Document links updated

8 replies

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That's awesome! It's exactly what I want.
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Thank you wery much!

There was old EMS documentation from october 2012.
I think new is better.
Thanks very good
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The EXOS EMS Catalog is a little non-descript and hard to find on the website.

To help guide you to this valuable resource, we've posted a new GTAC Knowledge Article.

What can I find an EXOS Error Message Decoder?

We'll make things like this easier to find in the future with a better Search experience.
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Quick Update.

An HTML version of the ExtremeXOS EMS Message Catalog is now available.
Here is the direct link: http://documentation.extremenetworks.com/ems_catalog/EMS_Messages/introduction.shtml

Should make searching, navigating and consuming the content much more user friendly. Fear not, PDF and ePub version are also available (see the intro section of the doc).

Our GTAC Knowledge article can provide some additional context as well:
Hello Mates,

Kindly share latest error message catalog
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Hello Mates,

Kindly share latest error message catalog
Here you go Gerald. Thanks for joining the Hub.


I also updated the KB article for those that read in the future:
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Hello Mates,

Kindly share latest error message catalog
The original post has been updated too.