Fabric Attached using L2VPN and L3VPN services between two sites

  • 6 December 2018
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Hi Community

Still playing with Fabric in my LAB.

I am trying the following network setup:

In the above scenario I have two edge sites each connecting to the Fabric cloud on a single link.
At each edge site I have an X460-G2 switch that connects the the Extreme Fabric.
On the Fabric Side the port connecting to the edge sites is configured as a Fabric Attached Port.

Looking at the LLDP neighbors on the x460's I can see that it discovered the connected fabric.
I also see the management vlan being pushed down from the FA config to the edge x460.
So all Fabric Attach part works fine.

If I now create a new vlan for Client A on each Edge site and assign the same I-SID the service is extended and all works as expected. I have a layer 2 connection between the edge sites.

Now for the question.
I have another client connecting to the same edge site's x460. This client does not want to use L2VPN but rather route between using OSPF between the x460's and the fabric and then a L3VPN across the fabric on a new VRF.

The VRF L3VPN config works fine, I so learn loopback interface routes ect, across the fabric

On the fabric side, I create the a new Client B vlan and assign it to the client's VRF.
I enable OSPF on the vlan.
The issue I see is that I can not map this vlan to the FA port connecting to the x460.
On the fabric side I get an error stating that you can not map a vlan to an FA port.
This results in

So then the question.
I have an x460 switch connecting to a fabric network.
I would like to use l2vpn and a routed l3vpn across the uplink to the fabric.
Can this be done on a single FA port?

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Hi, I think you have to do it without FA. Fabric Attach signalling is for VLAN for L2VSN.