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fdb lookup on vlan failed after 5 attempts

  • 21 August 2019
  • 3 replies

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Error Message on the switch
I am receiving several messages like this in my logs on Summit 460G2 running The GTAC whitepaper suggest I should clear the snooping table for the entry however does not indicate how to accomplish this. Further searches do not seem to provide how to do this either. Please provide the correct procedure to clear this table.

3 replies

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Clear IGMP snooping... clears the global table for IGMP Snooping entries.. It may help us if you share the actual message from your log
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Slot-2: FDB lookup for A0:09:ED:0A:A5:CC on vlan PHONE_1016 failed after 5 attempts. Hope this helps
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Curious as I cant find that specific log message in any of the guides. I did see some chatter about authenticated users not having traffic forwarded to correct vlan that is related to bug in code. You are for sure a bit behind on the code ( Always first thing everyone blames LOL) ... link to info https://extremeportal.force.com/ExtrArticleDetail?n=000017704&q=fdb%20lookup%20on%20vlan%20failed%20after%205%20attempts%20EXOS

Also is there any kind of ipsecurity on the port or acl on the vlan ?