Feature similar to Cisco IP SLA and track

Hi I new in Extreme stuff. Pls advise how can I configure to change default route based on ping check. Something similar to cisco ip lsa and tracking. Flow redirect doesn't meet my requirements , I need to change default route because it is propagated by ospf to others switches. Thanks in advance

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You can use the keyword "protection ping"


configure iproute add protection ping
configure iproute add protection ping

if both gateways anwer you have a l3 load balancing.

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The "ping" protection on a static route is supported in 16.1, 21.1 or later. You can modify parameters (interval and number of miss) for the ping protection with the following command.

# configure iproute protection ping interval miss
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If you have an earlier EXOS you can still use upm:

Below a script, that does similar by disabling an Port to an ISP:

create upm profile pingtest

set var primeport 31
# the port of the primary ISP router
set var target
# the target IP address used to determine the health of connectivity to the
# primary ISP
set var CLI.OUT 0
ping count 1 vr vr-default $target
set var pinglist $TCL(split ${CLI.OUT} "\n")
delete var CLI.OUT
set var pingrespln $TCL(lsearch -glob $pinglist *received*)
set var pingresp $TCL(lindex $pinglist $pingrespln)
set var pingnorcv $TCL(regexp -nocase {0 packets received} $pingresp)
if ($pingnorcv == 1) then
disable port $primeport
create log entry "Failed Uplink "
disable upm profile pingtest

create upm timer pingtest
configure upm timer pingtest profile pingtest
configure upm timer pingtest after 1 every 1

Thank you for responses. I have ExtremeOS, protection ping is available from 16.1.3. By the way it isn't meet requirements completly, I want to ping host which I can define. Andre thank you for the script. What in case that route became available?