Features of BDX8

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Please help me answering the below for BDX8 compliance:

  • EVN/EVPN or Equivalent
  • IP Fabric
  • Generic routing encapsulation (GRE) tunnels: 1,024 or more
  • Image rollback
  • Loop-free alternate (LFA)
  • IPv4/IPv6 over GRE tunnels (interface-based with decap/encap and firewall-based with decap only)
  • Remarking of bridged packets
  • Storm control, port error disable, and auto recovery
  • MAC notification
  • Radius functionality over IPv6 for AAA
  • IPv6 source guard
  • Graceful Routing Engine switchover (GRES) for Layer 2 hitless forwarding and Layer 3 protocols on RE failover

Please confirm if I need "XL" modules for below requirement:
  • IPv4 unicast routes: 128,000 or more prefixes; 104,000 host routes or more
  • IPv6 unicast routes: 98,000 prefixes; 52,000 host routes
  • MAC addresses per system: 136,000 or more

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Hello Waqas

Thanks for the post. Yes the BDX8 does handle the size tables you are looking for. You can see all of the limits by looking in the release notes for 16.1 which is available here http://documentation.extremenetworks.com/release_notes/ExtremeXOS/16.1.3/EXOS_Release_Notes/16.1.3/r...

In regard to all of the features you list some of those are available depending on the type of switch you are looking to use. For example many of our VxLAN deployments are using more of a fixed for factor level switch to be able to use a spine leaf design which provides larger scale and lower cost.

If you can provide the area of the world you are doing this design for we can have the account team call and help provide a design and BOM for your design.