Filtering MAC adrress - Summit Switchs

I want to allow only a specific MAC address per port using filters/acl (no radius).

Someone have a tip?


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Hello Eber Can you be a little more specific? If what you want is to have certain PCs oak lowed on their specific ports then you can do can use MAC lockdown or you can use MAC limit learning to only allow a certain number for ports. If instead you want to limit a certain MAC OUI you can set an ACL to permit the MAC OUI. Let us know Thanks P
That is exactly what I was trying, but without success on creating ACLs...

I found another way to do this:

configure ports X vlan "Default" lock-learning
create fdbentry 00:00:00:00:00:00 "Default" ports X

I think this solve my needs. I will try tomorrow at work and post the results.

Paul, if you have a working ACL example, please post it.