Firmware update kills SSL?

When we recently upgraded our X450 stack, we found the SSL module was not loaded on the backup configuration. Do we just install it the same way as the primary firmware, or will it bung the firmware?

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Could you please tell us the software version before/after the upgrade.
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i believe if you synchronise it should copy over
Before the upgrade: After the upgrade: Backup was running 14.6.something. The question isn't about synchronizing - it's about installing. Current boot has no SSL - the procedure according to the manual is identical to flashing XOS onto the switch - if I do this with the SSL module, is it going to corrupt the OS? i.e. does it know it's a module and not the entire OS?
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Yes the system will know that it's just a module and not the main OS.
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When you upgrade EXOS, you have to load again the SSH module to the newer version.
Many thanks to you all.