Firmware update question on 460's running VRRP

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We have a pair of x460-G2's running VRRP and MLAG at two sites. They are currently running, and I would like to apply the current recommended firmware This is the first time I have had to update the firmware while running these 460's in production, and I am just making sure there is nothing special I need to do.

I should be able to update one switch, reboot it, then update the second switch and reboot it, without any downtime, correct?

We have Palo Alto firewalls running in Active/Passive mode, and I need to disable preempt before patching those, so I am just confirming that when using VRRP and MLAG, I don't need to disable anything.

It also looks like with 16.2, we no longer have to apply a separate SSH XMOD - hurray!

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Hello Bruce,

Assuming you don't have any single honed devices there should not be any downtime for devices connected to MLAG enabled ports. You do not need to disable anything. The reboot will be treated like a failure and the necessary transitions will be applied automatically.

As a side note, once you upgrade to 16.2 you can utilize a new feature for VRRP which is known as fabric routing. This will mimic the dual master VRRP scenario we implemented on previous version which works well with MLAG. Here is an article that explains it a little better:

Hope this helps!
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Excellent! Thank you so much for the information.