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flap ospf after add(delete) port to(from) sharing group

I use summit x670 with lacp 20g.
After add(delete) port to(from) sharing group allways ospf flapping between two x670. Why? What to do?

In the same time of L2 the traffic continues to work without stopping, flapping only osfp session.

Please help.

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I know when you add a port to an existing LAG the complete LAG is re-initialized, if this is the only port in a vlan that could cause that IP to go down and come back up, maybe this could explain the OSPF flap ?
I know this is fixed in the latest EXOS releases, only cannot find quickly which release contains the fix.
It would be magnificent if you found the version. Thank you.
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From what I can find 15.6.1 and higher.
Hmm... last recommended for x670 EXOS
What to choose from 15.6.x? 😞
May be you know patch version for ?
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Anton Nekhoroshikh wrote:

May be you know patch version for ?

This was an improvement (not a bug) and these are not backported, so only 15.6 and higher are having this improvement. I would recommend using the latest patch ( at this moment).
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I believe the recommendation would be update in a day or two in the official website, as per internal update the upcoming recommended EXOS version for X670 is
Hmm.. May be you have a decision how we can add or delete ports from LAG without ospf flapping on current software? Somthing like configure variables, hold timers, may be.. We can try it on lab.

The main problem for us that after LAG re-initialize and flap of ospf(1-2 secs) we have broken mpls-connectivity which decides only by down/up links.

We can't do that 🙂, and we haven't 5 min for flashing new firmware without reconstruction of network