Flapping alternate stack-ports

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Here is many conversations about this issue. But no answer about resolved in EXOS after 15.4
We have X460 in SummitStack-V.
Main problem that after reboot one node, 1x10G port became "down state" or "no neigbour".
It's look like xos0047059, xos0058149 and other.

Can you tell me, please, what EXOS version after 15.4 is resolved this issue?

Trying with: patch1-5 patch1-13

And one more problem was in one of our stacks:
Slot 1 - priority 90 (Master)
Slot 2 - priority 70 (Slave)

Reboot Slot 1, Slot 2 became a Master.
After Slot 1 booted it have role None, Slot 2 still Master, and LED MGMT is flashing amber.
Here is video -
Is reboot 2 nodes - stek normally up.

Thank you!

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Have you tried to check the debounce settings in the stack ports?

This shows the log show?
Option 1: This option is persistent across reboots.

1. Upgrade EXOS to a version that includes the fix for CR#xos0059131, and submit the below command to change the debounce timer to 150ms. If there are still stack link flaps move the debounce timer to 300

configure stack-port {}] debounce time [default | ]


configure stack-ports 2:2 debounce time 150

2. Confirm Debounce settings are changed.

show stack-ports debounce