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Following a feature request

Is there a way to follow a feature request given the reference number?

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Hello, all!

+1 for this question.

Thank you!
The Feature Request Process has recently been upgraded, adding much needed functionality like global feature request correlation, standardization of feature request priority by the field, and the ability for local account teams to be automatically notified as their feature request is routed through the system. This is from the time it is entered into the F/R database, to the time it is slated for a release and all the steps along the way. Additionally, Extreme Account Teams have the ability to query the F/R database at anytime to manually check on the status of a F/R request. The local Account Teams will manage customer updates to active Feature Requests.
Hello. According to your login information I am responsible for your account. The process allows me, as the prime Sales representative to administrate and work on your feature request. I find FR 01243851 seems to be the one you are asking about? is that correct? jhicks@extremenetworks.com.
That's right, I wanted to see if there's a way to follow up on that FR.
At least to get some form of notification if it's going to be implemented and in which XOS version.