Fujitsu Server with Intel X722 NIC compatibility with 5m DAC (10G)

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Customer try to connect the Server to a X620 with 5m DA Cable. But there is no link.

Do anyone of you have an Idea about the compatibility between Extreme DAC and this NIC?

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see syslog on server side and logs on x620 side
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on server site there is nothing, on x620 I just see that the DAC cable was inserted
hi ...since we have a similar issue,
is there an update about this "problem"?
cause we have fujitsu servers with x722 nic,
extreme DAC cable 10305 (3 meters),and we don't see any link UP/DOWN ...using a cisco cable,
it works ...
any idea?
please let me know

just to let you know there's an update about this "issue" ...

use the command debug "hal show optic-info port xxx" and check the final part ofSFP/SFP+ Part Number
if you have rev02 DAC cables,
with intel nics x710 and x722,they would NOT work ...
you need DAC cables revision 03