GARP Broadcasts for proxyarp Feature?

  • 2 February 2017
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Hello Community,

for an ongoing migration I'm already using the proxyarp feature [1] on an MLAG Core.

I wondering if it is possible that the L3-Switch sends an GARP via Broadcast, when proxyarp is used for an /32 address?



3 replies

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.. or as an workround (which I have used years ago on F5 BIG-IPs):

Implement an arping binary on the CLI 😉
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I am wondering that proxy-arp work on your EXOS environment ?!

At my installation with X670-G2 (V22.6) it does NOT work ... i have to re-build in my lab ...
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Jepp with that in place I could do an Host by Host Migration from an (interconnected) old Core to an Extreme Core, with overlapping Networks in both worlds.

I dont remember the details, but you can directly ask your colleague Robert W. who was my Teamleader during that time 😉