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Getting "Service ready for new user" while trying to download CLI Proxy

Want to access the CLI from HTTP GUI for EXOS 15.6. But getting the above message when trying to access the download page and no download is starting. Please assist urgently.

Thank you.

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Hello Bijaya,

Have you installed the CLI proxy?
No, I want to download and install it. But unable to download it so far.
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So you are having a problem with our support portal while downloading the CLI proxy?
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Hello Bijaya,

I am not sure if anyone on this thread will be able to help with that. Can you use Putty in the meantime while I look into options?
I am unable to access the switch through ssh, the only access available is HTTP. And that is why trying to use Administration --> CLI Shell to resolve the ssh issue. And hence need CLI proxy.

Can you please confirm if the below link to download CLI proxy is correct?


And if not, then can you please suggest the correct place from where I can download it?