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Github Python script downloader for EXOS

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Github Python script downloader for EXOS has been uploaded to GitHub.com/extremenetworks/ExtremeScripting


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Example output.
Switch# run script git_download.py Internet Connection found on VR-Mgmt Script: Description: ------------------------------------------------ 1: autofsbackup Runs automated back up on all scripts, including configuration, policy and scripts. 2: cleanswitch Provides a method of deleting all configuration parameters and files from an EXOS switch. 3: command watch Simple script that repeats a CLI command every *n* seconds 4: eaps_checker This script will check eaps config and status from a PC/Server. 5: edp_and_port_vlan_check This Script uses EDP to check if the local and remote port have the same vlans added to the ports. 6: enablefeaturescheck Identifies the features enabled on a switch 7: Email_event This EXOS script will send an email when an event is logged 8: fdb_oui Scans the FDB table and reports the vendor of the device connected. 9: flowtracker Creates a dynamic ACL to count packets. 10: mlag_config_check Checks to ensure that all VLANs on MLAG ports are also present on the ISC. 11: non_stacking_config_converter Converts a non stacking configuration to a stacking configuration. 12: qosconfig Wizard to aid in creating QoS profiles 13: radiusmgmtconfig Wizard for configuring an ExtremeXOS 14: radiusnetloginconfig Wizard for configuring an ExtremeXOS 15: show_config_clean Hides unused config sections from the output of "show configuration" 16: snmpv1v2config Wizard for SNMP V1/V2 configuration for an ExtremeXOS 17: sntpconfig Example for Simple Network Time Protocol 18: vlanPortInfo This script displays the VLAN assignment and tagging configuration for all ports on the switch. 19: vlan_elrp_check This script will run ELRP on all VLANS on an EXOS switch. 20: vlan_copy_port This EXOS script will copy/move vlans from one port to another. What script would you like to download? 20 By downloading this file you agree to the License Terms in the readme, available at the URL below. https://github.com/extremenetworks/ExtremeScripting/blob/master/EXOS/Python/vlan_copy_port/README.md vlan_copy_port.py was downloaded to /usr/local/cfg/.[/code]
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