help with a black diamond 8810.

  • 13 November 2014
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Hi, I can help with a black diamond 8810. what happens is I can not boot from picture 1, picture 2 that comes by default and gives errors. greetings,

6 replies

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Hi Carlos,
Did this problem start suddenly? Can you share the error messages you are seeing?

You may have a corrupted installation. It is possible to reload EXOS from the BootROM to try to recover. You will lose any configuration files saved on the switch by doing this.

You may also have a hardware failure that requires an RMA.

I would invite you to open a case with GTAC so they can help determine if the errors are recoverable or if it will require a replacement.

This error throws me to boot from the 2 images.

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Hi Carlos,
It looks like your switch has encountered a hardware failure of some sort. Can you please open a case with GTAC so that they can help narrow down the issue and work with you to replace the failed parts?
Hi Drew, Might help me open a case GTAC, since I'm new to this site.

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please call TAC and provide the serial number.
thank you!