High Fan Noise

All these below switch models make very loud fan noise. what is the solution to reduce the noise?

Summit X440-48t

Summit X440-48t

Summit X440-24p

Summit X440-48p

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Please refer to the X440 datasheet: Fan Speed and Acoustic Noise: http://learn.extremenetworks.com/rs/extreme/images/Summit-X440x-DS.pdf
Has the noise increased over time?
If it is excessively loud, I would suggest opening a case with GTAC to troubleshoot the fan issues.
It is optional to do a dB(A) test to verify the noise level.
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the general answer is to decrease the temperature. there are different fan speed levels based on temperature.

what temperature is recommended for all these switch mentioned above
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as per the following article - below 30 (sensor temp) the fan will run on half speed and >30 on full speed

you mean to say that if it is (low temp below 30) switches run normally no noisy sound or if it is (high temp) switches make noisy sound.?
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<30 = half fan speed
>30 = full fan speed
So the fan will allways run no matter what the temperature is.
But if the temperatur is greater 30 the fan will run with full speed = max noise.
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Offtopic - is there any loud specification about Extreme EPS-500?

I turn it off when I need to be in server room... 🙂