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Hitless upgrade on BDX8

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Can we do hitless upgrade on BDX8? Please share any reference document

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Hello, Wagas!

Below link describe hitless upgtade.

Thank you!
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Thanks Alex for sharing the details. I reviewed that earlier and have couple of clarifications required.

1. They mentioned Modular switches only (seems both BD8k & BDX8) but the terminology they are using in description is MSM which supposedly belongs to BD8k? Am I right? Or should I consider it for both?

2. This hitless upgrade can be defined as equivalent to TISSU? or ISSU?

Waqas Naeem
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1. Terminology is remains from EXOS_User_Guide for older version of EXOS.
(if I'm not mistaken, hitless ugrade for X8 is able from EXOS 15.5, earlier versions support only for BD8000)
2. As BD can't work as cluster (as QFX), so I think hitless upgrade closelly to ISSU.
(I'm not so familiar with Juniper, so I can be wrong, may be colleagues correct me)

Thank you!