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Home, End, Delete keys in PuTTY terminal client don't work on EXOS


I've been using Extreme Networks Switches for a few years now, and I've always used PuTTY / KiTTY as Terminal Client.
However, using both these programs, the Home, End, and Delete (and also Page Up/ Down and Insert, but I don't use those much) keys won't work, instead it will just print a tilde (~) sign. This is the same wether I'm connected through Serial, Telnet or SSH.
Is there a setting for PuTTY, or another, recommended terminal client, where these keys will work with EXOS / Extreme Networks Switches?

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Hello, please read this section of the EXOS user guide. Telnet/serial or SSH sessions dont use Home/End/Delete/Page Up/Down and so on keys.
Oh well that's embarrassing, classic case of RTFM I walked into... I'm sorry I didn't even think to check in there.
Only one question then: the delete and insert keys are referenced in the user guide, so I'm assuming this should work, shouldn't it? Backspace, and arrows work as described, but delete, insert doesn't...
The ctrl+D/A/E work though.
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Insert works only in vi (edit policy), not on command line, I think the same for delete.