How can I check edge ports to see if they are using edge-safeguard mode?

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I am troubleshooting high CPU utilization on a x460 stack of 5 switches. One of the things that I came across is the hal process running sometimes fairly high, 16-20+%. So I saw a GTAC document on making sure that edge ports are running edge-safeguard mode, but I don't know how to check my edge ports to see possibly which ones are NOT running it. We always use edge-safeguard mode, but it is possible that there is a mistake somewhere and I need some help finding it.

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show config | i edge-safeguard

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to check the STP port status, you can use:
show stpd STPD_NAME ports [detail] [/code]The port status includes a flag (or a field in detail mode) showing edge and edge-safeguard status.

To find edge ports without edge safe-guard you can use:
show stpd STPD_NAME ports | include " e..e...-"[/code]The above command shows only STP enabled (first flag) edge ports (fourth flag) without edge-safeguard configured (eighth flag). I have checked this on EXOS 15.3, other EXOS version may have different flags or flag ordering. The flag description is at the bottom of the "show stpd STPD_NAME ports output."