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how can i enable gui in X460 r X440

how can i enable GUI in X440 X460....i m creating vlan and give ip and enable web hhtp..but not open gui interface...? plz guide me...this is my code

create vlan name
configuration vlan name tag name
configuration vlan name ipaddress
configruatoin vlan name add ports 4 untageed
enable web http

this is my code which i run in X460 summit extreme ,but not showing GUI interface...
and when i connect wire with port ,port light is not on...

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Hi Zain,

Can you make sure the port is not disabled.

You can use the command "show ports no-refresh" and see if the port state is enabled.

if not then use the command "enable ports " or all
yes sir i enable all ports..
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Hi Zain,

Thanks and did that solve the issue were you able to get the GUI now?
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Hello Zain,

Can you access the switch via telnet? using the same ip address you are using for the web interface? If not I would recommend consoling into the switch again and check the port status using the "show port command. If it is working correctly it should say enabled and active.

Check this out and let us know what you see. Pasting the outputs can help as well.
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Are you still having trouble with this, Zain?
Drew C. wrote:

Are you still having trouble with this, Zain?

thanx sir....no sir...