How can i write "ACL Description"?

Is there a way to add a description when creating an ACL with 1 line?

// Normal ACL Create
entry permit_1
{ if match all {
# 1F-A side Network
source-address ;
destination-address ;
protocol icmp ;
then {
permit ;
count count_pertmit_1 ;

// 1 line command acl
entry pertmit_1 {if {source-address ; destination-address ; protocol icmp ; } then {permit ; count count_pertmit_1 ; }}

I want to insert the description "# 1F-A side Network" as normal.
Do you know how to type in 1 Line command?

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Hi Kyeong,
Commenting should be allowed. In the ACL solutions guide (link: , they use examples where commenting starting with a # is allowed. If you have any doubt, you can use vi to create the policy file and then use the "check policy " and it will check the syntax of the policy file for you.

Hope this helps!

Hi Brad.

i find it.

thanks your help.