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How the DaD feature works ?

Hello evreryone , i would like to know your experience with the DaD feature on summit Extreme network switches , can this feautre detect ip duplicates from end devices ( like a pc , phone , cash register , etc) ? and can it send log alarms with the mac address that has the ip duplicate?. Also , is it necessary to run the command "run ip dad [{vlan} vlan_name | {{vr} vr_name} ip_address]" to start checking the ips ? I'm trying to understand how this feature works since i have a customer that is interested in it and they have a big network with multiple sites in my country , so i just want to make sure that this feautre is suitable for them . Hopefully you can help me , Thanks! .

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Hi Marlon,

Look at knowledge articles:
1. Isolate Duplicate Address Detection (DAD)
2. How to configure and run IP duplicate address detection (DAD).

With the use of an NMS such as NetSight, alarms can be configured based on the logs messages seen in article 1.