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How to activate ports 49-64 on X670-G2?

Switch: X670-G2
FW: 21.1.14

Hi guys,

I would like to add some ports (49 to 56) to the switch using two OSPF 4x10G Modules. When inserted the two modules I see the following:

Port Summary Monitor Thu Dec 1 09:07:50 2016Port Display VLAN Name Port Link Speed Duplex
# String (or # VLANs) State State Actual Actual
48 OK20 E A 10G FULL
49 OK20 E R
50 OK20 E NP
51 OK20 E NP
52 OK20 E NP
53 OK20 E R
54 OK20 E NP
55 OK20 E NP
56 OK20 E NP

How do I manage to get all ports ready?

Greetings Jory

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When the ports are in 40 Gig mode you will only have port 49,53,57 and 61 available for use. If you partition the ports to 4x10 Gig you will have the NP (Not Present) ports also available.

conf port 49 partition 4x10G
conf port 53 partition 4x10G
conf port 57 partition 4x10G
conf port 61 partition 4x10G
Thanks for the quick responds Oscar
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The command to partition the ports is as below,

configure ports [port_list | all] partition [4x10G | 1x40G | 1x100G | 10x10G ]

After you make a configuration change, you must do one of the following to apply the change:
For X670-G2 and X770 switches you can reboot the switch.