How to activate XGM3SB-4SF module

  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Apr 16 2013 12:04PM

Hello everyone, I bought the XGM3SB-4SF module but I can't see anything that this module is on my x460. Do I have enable anything?

(from Airton_Arantes)

2 replies

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Create Date: Apr 16 2013 1:55PM

Upgrade to 15.X software on your X460.

goto the esupport page to get the software for the Summit line of hardware. (from Greg_McKillip)
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Create Date: Apr 16 2013 2:01PM

Hi airtonarantes,

When you say you can' see anything, are you looking on the console/telnet/webpage/Ridgeline...

What does it show you when you do the command: show ports no-refresh

Mine is a 24 port swtich. 1-28 with 4 ports shared between sfp and copper. When I look at the ports it shows ports 1-34
1-28 for the front (Again remember there are 4 shared ports)
29-30 are Not Present (NP)
31-34 show as Acitve (A) - these are the module

I'm using the same switch (mine is x460-24x) and same module in my network here at work and haven't had a problem, but I don't remember having to enable it.

Go to the console/telnet and type in : show version.
The first line the command should show is the switch version/serial number/....
The second should show the module.
The next few lines should show power supply info.
If it doesn't show the module in show version then it might not be seated right or faulty.

-bw (from bw447)